5000 Pledges against Bullying

Bullying and violence at school or in the workplace is not acceptable.

Throughout the month of March, Bully Zero Australia Foundation (BZAF) has a goal to collect 5,000 pledges against Bullying within the workplace and they need your help!

They aim to create a wall of pledges that have been collected throughout March to raise awareness on what we as a community can do in the fight against bullying and create better outcomes for this generation and those to come. 

Come along to make a pledge and meet some Bully Zero Ambassadors including comedian James Liotta, George Calombaris and Miss World Australia Esma Voloder.


When: Friday 16th March 2018

Where: The Village Green, 40 English St, Essendon Fields

Time: 1pm- 3pm




For Further information please call Claire Wardley (03) 9094 3718.